Thursday, June 27, 2013

Great Falls waiting

It was interesting to drive from the wet east towards the dryer west. We came out of the dense woods at the west side of Minnesota. The woods became thinner before transitioning to just occasional stands of woodland in North Dakota. Awhile after crossing the Missouri we came into true prairie grassland. 

Prariee Grassland.

Now we are into the hills of Montana. We had our first sagebrush and yucca yesterday.

Highway 200 passes through lots of pretty scenery. This is east Montana hill country.

The road we have been on since entering Minnesota is Highway 200. It is two mostly lanes and goes through some remote lands. It has been a pleasure to drive because most of it is not heavily traveled. When we got into oil boom country we picked up heavy truck traffic for couple of hundred miles.

Some of the oil worker temporary housing we passed in North Dakota.

When we drove from Lake Sakakawea we thought it would be about a 200-mile drive. Highway 200 is not heavily traveled so it lacks amenities you can find along the interstate. Things like RV parks aren’t common. We passed one early in the afternoon. That was a mistake. Two hundred miles later we came to one in Circle, Montana, and Ray’s Campground and Laundry. This is the poorest excuse for an RV park we have see.

Ray looks like Paul Newman doing “Hud”. He charged $35 and made comments about pocketing it so he didn’t have to pay any taxes. This is Tea Party country and Ray is the posture child. Government, you know, is evil.

The next night was spent in Lewistown at a very nice RV Park for $25. 

Lewistown is quite historic. It has been caught in a financial downturn since 1920. Somehow they have managed to keep up much of the original downtown area. Main street Lewistown still has active businesses, mostly restaurants and bars. 

Downtown Lewistown, Montana.

I am writing this at the Ford Agency. It is difficult to write something in a waiting room when the other occupant is giving you her life history. Wow, her brother died of cancer after contracting MS which he got in the Army after Fighting in Vietnam. Her Mom, living in Winslow, Arizona, is 76 years young, works 3 days a week. This lady is 5’ 10’, has back problems, broke her hip, and is having her Escape serviced. Her son has a size 13 shoe. 

How is it I seem to attract these types? At least she hasn’t tried to save me. Yet!

Another person came into the waiting room. Whew!The lady whom has been talking at me is now telling the newcomer her history.  Gosh, now we are into her labor, her crazy in-laws, her ex, how she should be in a mental institution. I think I’ve never run into one quite like this lady.

Today we are in Great Falls. The truck is getting its 150,000-mile service and two new tires. Tomorrow we are heading to Missoula.

I just want to get out of this waiting room.

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  1. I remember driving across Montana (maybe on hwy 200) towing with our GMC truck. We were headed into a strong headwind and getting about 6-7 mpg. With a 25 gallon tank, and the way the towns were spaced, we needed to stop at every town that was more than a road intersection to top off the tank. It wasn't clear that we would make it to the next town if we didn't. Like you said, it lacked amenities.

    I hope you survived the waiting room lady. Have fun, Tom