Saturday, June 1, 2013

Down east days

Here are ramblings from the first few days in the Bar Harbor area.

This is seafood country with an emphasis on lobster. There are signs everywhere telling you where you can buy your lobster.

Want it cold,
want it hot,
want it steamed,
in a pot?

On a bun,
on a stick,
slice it thin,
maybe thick?

We deliver
it to you,
hot or cold
or in a stew.

If you don’t like lobster try clams, or cod, or white fish, or salmon. There are seafood places everywhere. Most every yard has lobster traps stacked up and the numerous harbors are homes to many lobster boats.

Not too surprisingly the lobsters are over fished. The lobstermen are suffering because of the low prices ($3.50 per pound). We have been encouraged to eat lots of lobster.

The pictures today have nearly nothing to do with the text. Nice house, hey?

So, where did we eat our first Maine meal? Well we ate Japanese of course! I had the best egg-foo-young I have ever had with the best fried-rice with pork I ever had Wait, isn’t that Chinese cuisine? Brenda’s noodles and sushi she said were likewise delicious.

Who needs lobster?

We came up to Bar Harbor to enjoy the Arcadia Bird Festival. Let me quote a passage from the first of the travel tips section Maine birding guide:

“ The forest that provides the great breeding habitat for so many birds also supplies them with an abundant food source: insects, particularly black flies, mosquitos, and deer flies.”

That charming part is followed by the section explaining the danger of hitting a moose. It says the moose will run out of the woods onto the highways to escape the biting flies! It seems to me if one were in the wrong place a bug-crazed moose could run right over an unwary birder. 

I’m going to write the publisher and suggest they mention something about the hazard of bug-crazed birders running from the woods onto the highways. 

Makes me think that birding here in Maine is no safer than birding with the crocodiles and alligators in Florida.

A nice walk in the Maine woods. No moose to be found.

Do you see the face with its tongue sticking out? 

We took a few very nice bird walks and added a few new birds to our list. The Maine forests are just stunning. The variety of trees just amazes me. So do the variety of mosses and fungi.  I don’t think you want to sit very long in the forest here for fear that the moss will take hold of you.

Moss, moss, moss!

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