Thursday, April 11, 2013

We are moving east again.

Our friend, Jeff Grossman, had surgery Monday morning. The surgeon is very confident that the blockage cause was removed. Jeff had very dense and extensive adhesions. He is recovering now and it looks like he will be out of the hospital by Saturday. He is definitely out of the woods.

After visiting Jeff yesterday morning we took off feeling a little nervous about leaving Linda and Jeff alone. We spent last night in Lordsburg, NM, which is 174 miles from Catalina State Park where we stayed the past several days. We will check in with Linda before easting further. We can be back there in a few hours.

We are still driving in pretty boring country. Driving I-10 here is mind numbing. At one point I could see the highway stretching out in a perfectly straight line for miles as far a s I could see ahead of me and looking in the side mirrors I had the same view to the rear. All the GPS showed was a straight red line. They should put an "S" curve in these things once in awhile.

At Texas Pass (does anyone know where the name "texas" comes from?) we rested in about the only scenic spot we passed through.
Texas Pass

Pretty soon we started seeing these big signs saying, "Wine Tasting and Pecans" in Bowie. Sure enough we started driving through  pecan and walnut orchards also passing a vineyard or two. So, to fight boredom mind you, we decided to risk getting off the I-10 to taste some local vintages.

Bowie looks like it started dying when the I-10 freeway bi-passed it. It hasn't quite died yet but it looks like the end isn't far off. I told the lady at the wine shop that it looked like Bowie had seen better days to which she said, "Yes, its a small town".  I was going to accuse her of being in denial due to grief but she was not smiling.
Main Street Bowie, AZ     
Fort Bowie Wine Store

We bought five bottles just to shore up the local economy. California vintners have nothing to fear from  Fort Bowie Winery. I do admit that their White Sangiovese went well with our left over chicken marcella last night. Oh, the good life!

The KOA here in Lordsburg is old but clean and in good repair. We did laundry here. The train track is close enough to here the whistles blow - which they did every thirty minutes or so all night. I-10 is close enough that the traffic provides persistent "white noise".  We both slept well.

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