Saturday, April 20, 2013

Moving time again

I am trying a new layout today that should be easier to read. I hope everyone likes it.

A few days ago we did our longest day of driving to a new spot. Yesterday we did our shortest and next to shortest drives.

We left Smith Point mid morning to move to a little RV park in High Island. The day before we had reserved a spot there for our trailer. The spot we were shown was really an overflow spot where we could get water and electricity by stretching lots of hose and extension cords. We just ambled the 40 miles to High Island. When we arrived the nice lady at the park directed me to another spot. This was an awesome spot, far nicer than the one we thought we were going to get. It was a super pull through spot complete with full hookups. The setup was smooth and easy.

I just got us set up when the mean lady at the park came over to tell us she made a mistake and we had to move.

The next move was only about 400 yards. Not a pull through but a back in “S” curve starting from the side street. I did it perfectly, in just 17 attempts. Piece of cake! Set up required every length of hose and extension cord we had. This justified my having hauled all that stuff around for so long. I was finished in under an hour.
The final resting spot!
After lunch we went back over to the Houston Audubon preserves to see what was new. It rained the previous night and there were 40 MPH winds all night from the north. The birding was great! (One day soon I’ll attach a list of the species we have seen here – I think it is up to about 65.)

We were not the only ones looking at birds. There were three times as many birders there then were there the previous day.  You would think all these people would really bother the birds. Not so, the birds seem too busy to be bothered by the strange people milling about.

You probably never thought of birding as a spectator sport. Well it is and here is a picture of the bleacher area at the Boy Scout Sanctuary of the Houston Audubon Society to prove it.

If you are curious as to what they are looking at, here is the view.

Not very spectacular you say? Well in a ten minute period this spot attracted; four Rose Breasted Grosbeacks, two Painted Buntings, four Indigo Buntings, two Scarlet Tanagers, a Summer Tanager, a Northern Waterthrush, a few Northern Cardinals, A Worm-eating Warbler, a Swainson’s Warbler, and a Prothonotary Warbler. It also attracted (this is by ear mind you) several Englishmen, some New Yorkers, Coloradoans, Montanaites, too many Texans, and who knows what else. Now that’s some spot, hey! (Did I mention the Canadians?)

If you are not a birder the above probably doesn’t mean much to you. Let me say that in the above list are three species I had never seen before.

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