Saturday, May 25, 2013

It got us!

There is a downside to driving back roads. They are often narrow. They lead to little towns with narrower little streets.  In these small towns the little streets often twist and turn. All this can mean trouble if you are pulling a long and tall trailer.

Princeton, New Jersey is just such a town. The university occupies much of the old part of town. I think they built the university before they thought about streets. It is quaint as can be. Even the gas stations are old and quaint.

Have you ever tried to drive a 13-foot tall 30-foot long trailer out of a 1940’s gas station onto a 1820’s street? Well, don’t! Ever! Especially in Princeton New Jersey with Jersey drivers racing home in rush hour. It is a recipe for disaster.

Duct tape is wonderful. You can barely notice the three tears in the awning.

I didn’t realize I had snagged the awning until we left West Point. I noticed it as I was doing a walk-around (something I now do more rigorously since the other day when I tried driving off with a slide out). “Darn,” I said.

We drove from West Point to the Minute Man Campground in Littleton Massachusetts. Half the time we were on interstates and the other half on surface streets. I still prefer non-interstate driving – just maybe not in over crowded New England.

I wanted to stop along the way for white duct tape. We actually passed several Home Depots and Wal-Mart’s but I always seemed to be in the wrong lane to make the turn into these places. There always seemed to be a long line of cars in the lane between me and the lane I needed to be in. This rig just doesn’t handle like a mini-cooper. (see photo above).

If you are ever in Littleton Massachusetts we highly recommend the Minute Man RV Park.

On Thursday we drove on to Salisbury, Massachusetts. We are staying there at the state beach with 200 other close rigs. This is Memorial Day Weekend and this is one of the nicest beaches in the area so we are in the most popular campground in the state on one of the biggest camping weekends on the year. Good timing, hey! (I’m practicing Canadian for our trip west).

Can you pick us out of the crowd?

We were hopeful that there wouldn’t be crowds at the beach this weekend. The weatherman was predicting terrible weather. We got rained on at the Minuteman and was raining again when we pulled into our campsite at Salisbury. It hasn’t really stopped raining since then. It rained heavily all night and has been a heavy drizzle all today. You would think people would stay home - especially people with kids. No! The place is nearly full and there are kids everywhere.

The kids love the rain or ignore it. They are walking barefoot in puddles. They are running with umbrellas. Tey are laughing, giggling, and having great fun. They are even seen sitting in the water puddles. It is 51 degrees out there! It is drizzling out there.  It is cloudy and grey out there. I’m sure the urgent care centers will be overfilled next week.

Kids! It is 51 degrees and raining!! I guess it is spring in New England.

We went out to the marshes and stood in the rain to bird (well, mostly Brenda did). So, maybe I shouldn’t badmouth the kids. We should know better.

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