Wednesday, March 27, 2013

On the road

27 March 2013

We di it! We actually left home and are on our trip.

We had to stop by Camping world in San Bernardino to pick up an extra oven rack I had ordered but that was on the way.

There is a wildlife preserve on the Whitewater River which is not surprisingly named "The Whitewater Nature Preserve".  I hoped we could spend the night there. We called along the way to see if we could camp there. The ranger said that we should come in before 5 PM they had sites available. When I mentioned the 30 foot trailer however he added that it was tent camping only and very limited parking so they don't let RV's in.  Darn - it looked like a good place to visit.

What to do? Well we found the "Shady Hills RV Park" here in dear old Indio and are now settled in. And it only cost us $60 for the night!!

Here is us in our little (latterly) space.

Brenda bought (actually I bought at Brenda's request) an i-pad.  I think we got this in February. After arriving here last night she tried to set up her email account. This was UNSUCCESSFUL even after many tries. Not too surprising that we couldn't figure it out given we don't know the passwords for her email accounts. This morning I contacted Verizon (our provider) to change her email password. After only one hour on the phone the very patient Verizon technician had her account up and running on her i-pad. Next we will tackle setting it up with a data plan.

We traveld 192 miles yesterday. I hope we don't travel very many miles more than that on any day of our trip.

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