Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Paula Strawser asked if we were going to keep a blog of our trip this spring. I hadn't thought of doing that, but the idea took hold and  . . . . .

This March (2013) a group of good friends will take off more or less together on a cross-country expedition. Jeff and Linda Grossman, Hop Porter (wife Deb will join us here and there), and possibly Tom and Diane Rindt may all start out with Brenda and me.

This is not intended to be a carefully planned trip. In fact, this is a wander more than a "trip". We will leave sometime toward the end of March heading in the general direction of Florida. Each of us will return when each is good and ready after going as far as each wanted and doing what grabbed each couples' fancy each day. That is the plan, the schedule and the route (class "A" types be damned).

I almost forgot to mention that Carrie Tolentino (Jeff and Linda's daughter and their wonder grandkids,  Kellen and Kennedy) may join us along the way. When and where to be determined.

So follow us along the way - that is if:
 1. We actually ever get on the road.
 2. We actually do and see things worth sharing.
 3. I actually take pictures that are any good.
 4. AND . . I really do write in this blog.

Brenda and I at the gala Valentines Party fundraiser for the 
Maturango Museum sponsored by the Marriot Hotel

Dan  2/14/13 (happy Valentine's Day)

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